hi i'm steve roggenbuck! i make videos, poems, and podcasts

i'm known most for my videos, which have been covered by the new york timesARTnewsgawkerthe new yorkerrolling stonethe faderNPRthe guardianknow your meme, & the atlantic. they have been shown at the new museum triennial in new york, rowing gallery in london, and the oslo poesifilm festival in norway, among other places!

i've also published six collections of writing, and i've performed at over 300 live events in ten countries and all 50 united states. i'm the founder of boost house, a poetry publisher. i'm also a 9-year vegan and a runner.

i try to be responsive on email and social media, so get in touch if you like!

if you want to support me, please consider becoming a patron of my videos or booking me in your area. <3

longer bio

i was born in 1987 and grew up in rural michigan, my dad is a farmer and my mom is a nurse. i played sports as a child and then played in deathmetal bands as a teen. when i went to college in 2006, my music projects mostly stopped and i shifted energy to poetry. i started reading and writing every day, published in small lit mags, and graduated with an english degree from central michigan university in 2010. during college i also went vegan and started using social media for activism; i wrote and made videos for a vegan activist blog. then i enrolled in the poetry mfa program at columbia college chicago. i didn't like the program and i dropped out halfway through, but while in the program i self-published my first two poetry collectionsthey were short and free online, with print versions available too. i also started making videos.

when i dropped out of my mfa in late 2011, i had already built a small audience for my work online. i decided to spend all of 2012 couchsurfing, taking discount buses to stay with friends, doing my creative work full-time. i lived cheaply, sold t-shirts with the name of my blog on them, and a few months into the year i released my first full-length poetry book. the community building i did while traveling and blogging in 2012 has been cited as a main factor in the growth of the "alt lit" writing community. i did DIY readings in most major u.s. cities, often broadcasting them for internet viewers too. in total i streamed over 100 hours of video in 2012, building community especially with my show illuminati power hour (r.i.p).

in early 2013 i went back to chicago, released a few videos and a book of poetry and selfies, and i experimented with a new vegan blog called vegan frickwad (r.i.p). then i couchsurfed more in the fall, ending up in maine, where i started boost house by early 2014. boost house is a small poetry press, which we started out of a vegan co-op house of the same name. boost house publications include poetry anthologies MACRO and the yolo pages, as well as debut poetry collections by joshua jennifer espinoza and raul alvarez. i spent spring of 2014 touring, summer of 2014 making a series of new videos, and in late 2014 i launched a podcast called read poetry and eventually die (r.i.p), in which i shared other poets' work.

in early 2015, boost house moved to tucson, arizona, and i released a book of stories. my videos were included in the new museum triennial in new york, and in junei released a book of "selected & new poetry." i started touring every month and ended up doing 122 live events in 2015, finishing my goal of performing in all 50 states in december. i ended the year with a burst of new videos, building financial support for them via my patreon page. then for 2016 i started a new podcast, plant liker. i toured internationally to norway, sweden, denmark, germany, england, and australia. along with continuing videos on my main channel, i made videos on another youtube channel and on snapchat (username: steveroggenbuck). my work was also shown in an exhibition with andy holden at rowing gallery in london.

using this site

this site aims to archive my work in an organized manner, so you can easily "catch up" on my work, or dig deeper into various projects.

you can view playlists of my best videos, organized by year: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

you can view my books, download them for free, or buy print copies.

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thank you very much