i've done over 300 live events now, mostly poetry performances, in 10 countries and all 50 united states, and i'm always adding more dates. if you have a specific booking offer, please email me: steveroggenbuck at !!

my funding needs are flexible, but you should be willing to put in effort to get me something, whether that means requesting funds from your institution, collecting an admission at the door, or pooling money together from friends. if i'm already coming to your area, i can perform much more cheaply, so check my upcoming dates!


for most events, i do a cross between a poetry reading and a standup comedy routine. i usually do these at universities, art galleries, cafes, community centers, house venues, and bookstores. i've often performed at events with musicians and comedians, and i've featured after open-mics. most of my performances are around 45 minutes, but i can do shorter or longer sets (my longest performance ever: 1 hour and 40 minutes)! here are some live videos from past events.

lectures, screenings, panels, and other stuff

- i can lecture on internet-based poetry, plant-based eating, or other random subjects i happen to have knowledge on, like cloud types. (watch my presentation on yik-yak poetry.)

- i can also screen a selection of my videos, with added commentary, back-story, and Q&A.

- i can participate in panels, or be "in conversation" with someone who interviews me on stage.

to book me for any kind of event, please email me: steveroggenbuck at !!!

thank you