"Roggenbuck might be the first 21st-century poet. The internet's stoccato vernacular comes alive in his work, as does the vernacular of everyday life." - New York Times [link]

"Anyone who wants to understand the internet generation would do well to pay attention to Roggenbuck's oeuvre." - Gawker [link]

"There’s an intensity and an edge to [Roggenbuck's work] which is at once terrifying, hypnotic, and completely moving." - New Yorker [link]

"[Roggenbuck's] hilarious video blogs and his most recent project, Boost House, a publishing press and artist residency, have inspired countless young fans." - Rolling Stone [link]

"The kid is hilarious." - The Atlantic [link]

"Rather than trying to fit old forms to new technology, Roggenbuck and his peers bring the romantic intensity of poetry to new audiences and platforms online." - The Guardian [link]